The Central Colorado Conservancy

June 18, 2018 Steven Collins 0

The Central Colorado Conservancy is an organization that was created to help conserve the environment, the wildlife and the water bodies in the central region of the state of Colorado. The organization was started by environmental experts who were alarmed by the rate at which natural ecosystems, farmlands, and ranchlands in the region were disappearing. To stop the rapid destruction of the Colorado Rockies and the rest of the region’s scenic wilderness, the organization has started a number of projects and programs to reverse the harm that has been done and to prevent further destruction of the lands, rivers, and wildlife in the region. The following are some of the main activities that The Central Colorado Conservancy is concerned with. Conservation of land The Conservancy works with landowners, farmers, and the community to protect and conserve the vast areas of land in the region. The state of Colorado is famous for its breathtakingly beautiful landscapes that include mountains, canyons, parks, and pastures.

World’s Largest Fence Being Constructed In Central Australia

May 29, 2018 Steven Collins 0
It may surprise you to discover who some of the culprits responsible for central Australia’s off-the-charts mammalian extinction rate are. Our feline friends are having a very large detrimental impact on our native animal species. There is a massive population of feral cats - estimated to be in millions - in central Australia and they are preying relentlessly on our small animals and birds. In direct response to this, the world’s largest fence is being constructed here to protect endangered species from their clutches - or rather, claws. Cats are obligate carnivores, or in other words, strictly carnivorous. The feral cats need to prey on the animals and birds for survival, but unfortunately they have quite an appetite for the act of hunting itself, and kill unnecessarily frequently. After extensive research into this subject, Professor John Woinarski from Charles Darwin University places the total bird population killed by feral cats at approximately 320 million and the total bird population killed by pet cats at about 60 million.