SLEJF Activities

SLEJF is an organization aimed at promoting better coverage of the environment and facilitating greater public awareness of environment and development in mass media. Keeping this in mind, the SLEJF participates in activities such as organizing awareness building seminars and work shops for different target groups in the society, conducting training programs for journalists, information dissemination, publications, production of video films, public campaigns etc..

While these functions are undertaken as activities of different projects, SLEJF has raised financial assistance from many development agencies for program implementation. In the history of SLEJF about 28 donors have assisted us in implementing various programs.

The key projects hitherto handled by SLEJF are public awareness programs, media training, preparation of our Citizens Report, media handbooks on reporting, publications such as Diyadama, school environmental education programs and our environmental information dissemination program.

Some of the interesting new projects intended to be implemented in the future are launching of Diyadama as a bi-weekly magazine, community radio for Wayamba, and the development of a Environmental Education Programme on Climate Change.